Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Voice 3 - Nicholas David

The imperfection makes him so perfect. And that voice of him... Phew... I dont know how many times I have watched this video but it doesnt seem enough. So, you guys out there, lets just watch this video (again...) and enjoy God's creation.... <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Went for my review at Sabah Medical Centre. Actually that was my first time going there. My doctor is Dr. Krishen Kumar which was recommended by a friend of mine. He told me, "Itu doktor ROCK!!"  So, I decided to go there. Well, what can I say about the doctor. Yes, he is a good doctor. He made me feel comfortable. Very outspoken. Very funny. 

Talking about my baby, he told me that my baby is very healthy and looking at the picture, she really looked like her father. Everything seems to be normal and I thanked God for that. For now, I just can't wait for her to come out and bond with her elder sister. Im sure Sophie will be very happy that she'll soon have a baby sister. 

Okay, so regarding the rated. For me, it is quite reasonable. For normal birth (sharing room), the price will be RM1190/- and for caesarean is about RM3000++/-. I actually didnt pay too much attention on caesarean because Im planning on normal birth (hopefully~~). As for single room, I will just have to add RM100 extra. CHEAP RIGHT!!!??? Ya.. So, after discussing with my husband yesterday, I will be taking single room just because I know I need to get a lot of rest after delivering the baby and I prefer the room to be quiet with very minimal visitors.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Baby's product - Cheap or Affordable or Reasonable or Pricey?

Do you know that prices for babies product (especially their clothes) are very expensive? I don't know until last Saturday when I went to buy a few. 

These are the things that I bought for the coming baby. 3 sleepwear (Anakku Brand) , 1 blanket, 2 towels, 3 socks and 1 mitten. For the sleepwear, it is RM16 / set, towels are RM17, blanket is RM18 and mittens and socks are about RM20 for all. Altogether is about RM103/-. I seriously didnt know that baby's stuff are pricey because before this, I never ever bought any clothes for Sophie as there was a lot of nice clothes which was given by my friends and family. Luckily, Sophie's old clothes are still in good condition. Moreover, their age difference is not much of a gap (only 7 months) so they can always share.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Voice Season 3

I watched The Voice last night on AXN. Actually this is my first season though it's their third. I didnt have the time to watch season 1 and 2. Well, so far, I like Brian Keith and Melanie Martinez from Team Adam and Trevin Hunte and Diego Val from Team Ceelo. But, this is just the beginning. I might change my preferences soon. Nevertheless, just enjoy these 4 blind auditions of my personal favourite.

Brian Keith

Diego Val

Melanie Martinez

Trevin Hunte

How To Enjoy Pregnancy??

Well, if you ask me, my answer would be "I don't know". To be frank, I dont enjoy pregnancy. Im actually curious because a lot of my friends posted on Facebook on how much they enjoy being pregnant and bla bla bla... Sometimes, I just feel like they're being hypocrite. Moreover, I can't whine or say anything bad about being pregnant because people say, if you say something bad, then the baby will get sad. But seriously, for me it's just a taboo. In my opinion, it is okay to whine or to say it is tiring or whatever a pregnant woman wants to say because seriously, it is not something easy to do. Being pregnant for 9 months is indescribable. To be frank, I feel restless most of the time especially being pregnant and working at the same time, doing my chores at home, body aching everywhere, swollen feet, body aching everywhere (again)... All these pain made my fear of delivering my baby go away... Now, I just cant wait to deliver my baby. Im not even scared of the pain anymore!!

But, though I dont like being pregnant, I do enjoy few moments especially when she (YES, ITS A GIRL!!) responded to me and when I feel her tiny little feet on my belly. Im gonna miss that. 

6 weeks to go and my second daughter will be born. Oh yes!! I have another daughter. I will talk about her next time.

Friday, October 12, 2012

New Page In My life

Okay.. I deleted my blog several years back because I was harassed by this girl (which I do not want to mention). So now, I kinda like want to start all over again because my life has been larger than life compared to those days..