Monday, October 15, 2012

Baby's product - Cheap or Affordable or Reasonable or Pricey?

Do you know that prices for babies product (especially their clothes) are very expensive? I don't know until last Saturday when I went to buy a few. 

These are the things that I bought for the coming baby. 3 sleepwear (Anakku Brand) , 1 blanket, 2 towels, 3 socks and 1 mitten. For the sleepwear, it is RM16 / set, towels are RM17, blanket is RM18 and mittens and socks are about RM20 for all. Altogether is about RM103/-. I seriously didnt know that baby's stuff are pricey because before this, I never ever bought any clothes for Sophie as there was a lot of nice clothes which was given by my friends and family. Luckily, Sophie's old clothes are still in good condition. Moreover, their age difference is not much of a gap (only 7 months) so they can always share.

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